Concept Design and User Experience of Intelligent Service Robots

UX, Concept design and CAD visualization of AIS robot series

12 januari, 2021

About the Collaboration

Have you ever think about using a robot instead of a labor? Well, here you see that AIS made it happened. Today, AIS robots are helping the greenhouse staff, hotel rooms and hospitals to manage the routine tasks beside humans. 

MERPHI is a long term partner of AIS in design and development of the physical robots together with UI/UX of the user apps. Also, MERPHI has delivered several cases on branding and graphic design to AIS in order to gain an integrated design among all the products and services at AIS.

About AIS

Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS)  is a leading custom robotics company based on Canada that creates affordable autonomous custom robotic solutions to solve real industry problems.

AIS Autonomous Robot Platform connects AIS’ physical robotic systems with cyber systems, and through artificial intelligence, can communicate in real time. Through patented technology, we assess industry challenges first and then solve them through custom, autonomous robotic solutions. Our autonomous robot platform has the intelligence to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks with the dexterity and precision of a human.

What was the value?

During the MERPHI and AIS partnership from 2018, MERPHI has designed 7 robots and accessories for AIS. the deliverables also includes user study, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) cases and graphic design and branding cases. The client is satisfied with the results all the time and seek for a long term relationship with MERPHI. 


It is intended that in the future, MERPHI plays a critical role as a partner in design and branding of AIS. As an ongoing collaboration, MERPHI is focus on the AIS users and customers in order to create a seamless product for the market which is accepted by the users all over the world. 


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