Bringing the robotics to life by Industrial design

User experience, Concept design and CAD visualization of AIS robot series. A case of Industrial design in robotics.

Industriell design inom robotik

Samarbete mellan MERPHI och Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS)

MERPHI är designpartner till AIS Inc. med koncentration på industriell design inom robotik, användarupplevelse och grafisk identitet. I detta projekt försöker vi lösa en bristande samhörighet mellan produkt, mjukvara och varumärke. Förhoppningen är att skapa ett resultat med en bättre användarupplevelse och marknadsacceptans för produkterna och tjänsterna detta företag erbjuder.


Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) är ett ledande företag inom robotik som är baserade i Kanada. De skapar prisvärda autonoma anpassade robotlösningar för att lösa verkliga branschproblem. En autonom robotplattform kopplar samman AIS fysiska robotsystem med cybersystem och kan genom artificiell intelligens kommunicera i realtid. (Läs mer om AIS-robotar)

Industrial design in robotics

Industrial design in robotics case. All the images are protected. Copyright © 2021 Advanced intelligent Systems. 

Where industrial design and brand meet each other!

We at MERPHI, performed a set of activities such as; concept generation, sketching,  render and CAD model of the products. The collaboration continued with a set a activities to enhance the design. Firstly, creating a design identity and design DNA for the products. Secondly, brand identity and graphical handbook. Lastly, integrating the design of the products with the software UI/UX. Producing material such as product catalogs, customer reports, presentations and etc. was also an extension of the project

In conclusion, AIS and MERPHI’s collaboration resulted in a coherency among all the products and services. As a case of Industrial design in robotics, we tried not to address only industrial design, but its relation with other competences. 

Industrial design in robotics

User experience and robots

UX is all about understanding the users and connecting dots!

Robots are entering our lives more and more, So considering human factors and user experience is vital. AIS has several robots that are important to be well designed, user friendly and on-brand.

During two years, MERPHI put the effort on designing the appearance of the robots, smooth the interactions and lead the direction of the concept of all the robots. Moreover, we provided AIS’s Software team with a handbook to design the UI. At the same time, MERPHI consultants performed several user study sessions to optimize the user friendliness of the AIS Connect Apps. 

We are growing together!

AIS is one of the promising robotic startups in Canada. MERPHI and AIS will have a long-term relationship and This relationship will lead to more designs, more creations, and more happy collaborations. Stay tuned! 

Industrial design in robotics
Mehrdad Farimani

Mehrdad Farimani


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