Sustainable product development

We analyze your product from a sustainability perspective using LCA methodology to identify ways to lower its environmental impact. By developing concepts to target these areas, we help improve your product’s sustainability and long-term competitiveness.


6 weeks


Product development, UX


Report and Design files



Two graphs explaining the environmental impact of two products


We as a society must reach the goals of Agenda 2030 to ensure the livelihood of future generations. In order to succeed, we all must strive for more sustainable ways of living, consuming, and producing . Furthermore, the growing customer concern regarding corporate sustainability means that the environment must be taken into account if the company aims to stay competitive in the long run. Our package identifies ways to improve your products environmental impact. This in turn provides much value and ensures that your solution remains attractive to customers

What we do

The process consists of five phases which our team of competent engineers will work their way through in close collaboration with you. 

1. We begin by studying your existing solution to ensure that we keep the features that make your product great. 

2. We analyze the current solution from a sustainability perspective. This phase will include an LCA analysis to identify areas where improvements can be made. This is followed by more in depth studies targeted at the identified areas, such as material, manufacturing, usage and end-of-life. Lastly, sustainability criteria and a functional unit are determined. 

3. We will implement suitable design strategies to develop multiple concepts which target the improvement areas. The strategies can include design for longevity, recyclability, sustainable behaviour and others. 

4. We then evaluate all the concepts to compare them and validate that they result in improved sustainability and maintained functionality. A general LCA will be performed together with relevant in depth studies. 

5. Finally, the 3 concepts with the greatest sustainability improvements and realizeability will be presented.

What you get

The deliverables will be 3 new design concepts with attached CAD-files. Each concept will be introduced with a thorough report explaining the design process and clearly outlining how the concepts improve upon the existing design in terms of sustainability.

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