Product development sprint

The product development sprint is to generate ideas and find solutions to your most important issues. These issues can either be related to a physical/ digital product or service. In a 5 days sprint, we will look into your pre-defined cases from a new perspective and apply methods to generate concepts in order to develop them.


2 weeks


Design strategy, UX design


Report + 3 concepts


Upon request


With the rapid pace of technology, market conditions and evolving customer needs, companies must be innovative to be relevant, develop and stay in the game. It’s easy to stick to solutions that already exist, but those solutions may not be suitable to solve the challanges you and your users are facing. The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Design Sprint is a process generated by Google Venture for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. This method is being used by big companies such as Volvo Cars and Spotify.

What we do

In a five day sprint, together with your team, we focus on the following aspects:

1. Goals and challenge mapping

2. Sketches and ideation

3. Prototyping

4. User testing

5. Concept development and report 

Our role is to lead the process, make sure that the main stakeholders from your team are involved and guarantee a sufficient result out of the spent time.

What you get

After the sprint, we will deliver several concepts and one tested solution that is based on the ideas and insights from the sprint. You will also recieve a report which will include all the findings and recommendations on how to move forward with the solutions.

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Product development sprint

Using the iterative process of design thinking, we help you solve the most urgent problems of your product during a 5-day sprint. This rapid solution applies to both physical and digital products.

Duration: 2 weeks

Deliverables: Workshop Report + 3 concepts

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Industrial design

To help your product stay competitive on the market, we perform a comprehensive review to identify areas that can be improved. You will receive an actionable plan ensuring a competitive product and satisfied users.

Duration: 4 weeks

Deliverables: Design guideline, action plan

Price: 54.000 SEK