Improving usability for a retail e-commerce platform

With real user insights, we have created concepts and recommendations to help Moonrise of Sweden, a progressive swimwear company for women, improve the usability of their e-shop.


Moonrise of Sweden




Report + Mockups

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Going into the summer season, Moonrise wanted help with improving the experience of their website. One of the problems they mentioned was that they received a lot of questions from customers about the sizes of their products. They wanted our help to evaluate this topic with users, and create a better experience based on those insights. After discussions with Moonrise and further analysis of user data, we identified several areas of the website that we wanted to evaluate through usability tests.


Based on the areas we had identified with Moonrise, we prepared the usability tests and recruited five participants that represented Moonrise’s target audience. We performed the tests online, gathered all the usability problems and used thematic analysis to process the results. With the gained insights, we created mockups of the parts of the website that could be improved. We presented the usability problems we had discovered through the tests and the design solutions to Moonrise.

Process map including: Identify scenarios, recruit users based on target audience, perform five individual usability tests, analyze test data & create improved design, present and deliver report

“MERPHI’s Usability Optimization provided valuable insights that helped improve our business. It enabled us to revise, refine and enhance the e-shop to simplify the experience for the users. The improvements have also strengthened our brand and helped us come across as more professional. Thanks to this project, our e-shop is now more attractive and efficient and we are very pleased with the overall outcome. We strongly recommend MERPHI as a partner for companies who want to improve the usability of their websites.”

Andreas och Sofia, founders of Moonrise of Sweden


We delivered a report which included all the data from the usability tests as well as mockups, insights and recommendations on how Moonrise could improve the usability and overall experience of their e-shop. We are super grateful for our collaboration with the passionate founders of Moonrise, and are looking forward to follow up on how these changes have impacted the performance of their e-shop!

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