Industrial design review

This review is aimed to improve a physical product that has already been introduced to the market. From a 360 perspective, we consider the user, the market, functionality, and aesthetics of your product. Finally, we present user-centered design guidelines that will increase the usability and competitiveness of your product.


4 weeks


Product development, 
Industrial design


Report + actionable plan + guideline


54 000 KR


According to Product-Market fit theory, every product has a life cycle (see image above). The downward spiral is inevitable, but before taking action and making changes to your product, it’s crucial to know what the cause of the decreasing interest is.

In the digital world, (i.e. app, website) this happens through regular updates to the features and UI/UX. On the other hand, a physical product is not as easy to update, but there are solutions for it. One of the solutions is introducing a product re-design/ facelift to the market. In fact, an industrial design update on your product is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions (Source). However, in which direction should the re-design be? how much should you change it? How to set up the KPIs to measure the success of the product?

What we do

Our rapid solution helps you identify what needs to be improved on your existing product from a design perspective, and how you can add value to your customers with a product that better matches their needs. In addition, we ensure that your product will become more competitive in the market.

 The review consist of three main steps:

 1- We start with a thorough analysis of your existing product, the market, your competitors, and users. The goal in this step is to identify the main challenges, strengths and pain points for your product. We apply user centered design, which means that a selection of your users will be involved in this step. 

 2- In the next step, we categorize and prioritize the challenges to help make a decision on what improvements will have the biggest positive impact on your product. For this step, we need your expertise and opinions which means it’s a collaborative process. 

 3- Lastly. we work with your R&D team to create a plan for execution based on a design criteria list.

What you get

After carrying out the industrial design review, you will have a clear understanding of your current users, your competition, and the strengths and weaknesses of your product. You will receive an actionable plan and a list of potential design improvements (Design guideline).

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Industrial design

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