Product development sprint

Our product development sprint helps you identify and solve your most important issues through ideation and rapid prototyping. The sprint method suits a big variety of challenges and can be applied to both physical and digital products or services.


2 weeks


Design strategy, UX design


Report + 2-4 solutions


Upon request

What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprint is a process created by Google Venture and is used by big companies such as Google, Volvo Cars, Spotify and SMEs around the world. The Design Sprint process offers a structured and efficient way to rapidly prototype and test ideas with users. It helps teams to align with goals, identify the potential roadblocks and iterate quickly towards a solution.


With the rapid pace of technology, market conditions and evolving customer needs, companies must be innovative in order to make improvements and stay in the game. For many companies, it’s hard to find the balance between implementing innovative solutions and using their resources efficiently. Applying our product development sprint helps you sustain a high level of innovation, while ensuring concrete and actionable results. The Design Sprint process can be applied to a big variety of business issues and challenges. To mention some, it can help you; Introduce a new product to the market Improve the onboarding of your product Expand your business to a new audience Increase user engagement Explore new features to your product/service

What we do

Week 1; The sprint
On the first week, we will have a set of workshop activities following the sprint-methodology. Since we want to move fast, the number of participants is limited to maximum 8 people. The participants should ideally represent different areas of your business, and it’s crucial that the group has the mandate to make decisions related to the project. We will both facilitate the sessions and co-create in the activities. The agenda of the week roughly looks as following:

Day 1 (Monday): Goals and challenge mapping
Day 2 (Tuesday): Sketches and ideation
Day 3 (Wednesday): Decide what’s best
Day 4 (Thursday): Build a prototype
Day 5 (Friday): Test with users
Week 2; Concept refinement & evaluation
After the sprint, there will be one/several rough concept based on the winning ideas and feedback from user tests. The design team at MERPHI will go through the user feedback and refine the concepts to the point where they can be implemented and introduced to your users. Based on the results of the sprint activities, our team will also create a report explaining the different solutions in detail. Finally, we will present the concepts to relevant stakeholders and deliver the report and relevant design-files.

What you get

You will receive the refined concepts visualized in a suitable medium (Render/Figma-file) and a report including all the findings from the process. The report will also outline the pros and cons of different solutions to help you make an informed final decision about which concept or strategy to move forward with.

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