Robotic Design Review (Limited)

In pursuit of our vision, “A future where humans and robots co-exist in harmony,” we’re offering free consultations to 10 growing startups in order to review their robotic solutions from an industrial design perspective. Limited spots are available, and a screening process will be conducted to select the most relevant companies.


3 hours


Robotics, Industrial design, UX


Consultancy session, analysis report



MERPHI robot hand helping mechanical robot hand


As a design agency focused on robotics, we are witnessing the emerging wave of robotic solutions reaching customers. However, not all robotic solutions are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. A good industrial design helps communicate a professional and trustworthy solution to your clients making the client acquisition process easier and strengthening your offer. In addition a good design ensures that the human robot interaction is seamless leading to a more efficient, safe and natural transition to robot aided process.

With this package, we aim to help you in your efforts towards creating a successful robotic solution with mass user adoption.

What we do

During a one-hour e-meeting, our design experts, well-versed in the field of robotics, will assess your product from the design perspective, user point of view, and market readiness. Following the meeting, we will analyze the information and the current state of your robot, providing you with a comprehensive report.

What you get

The report will present the results of our analysis, offering concrete guidelines to enhance the design of your robotic solution. Executing on these guidelines can increase your solution’s perceived value and make it more appealing to your clients.