Saigon Food website & Brand revival

Saigon Food is one of Sweden’s largest importers and re-sellers of Asian food. We had the pleasure to help Saigon develop a new brand and website. With their new identity, they are able to inspire more people to step into A world of Asian culinary delights.


Saigon Food


2022- 5 months


UI/UX, Web Development, E-shop Photography


When we got to know Saigon Food, we immediately identified their vast potential to become a strong, well-known and exciting brand. The brand was lacking cohesiveness in their brand identity, their website was unsecure and outdated, and the was no clear visual identity. This project included the delivery of a brand new website with a clear and meaningful visual brand identity that would efficiently offer the things customers want & need to know about us.


The other delivery was a Brand Book that would enable Saigon Food to easily maintain the new-set standards and visuals to keep the integrity of the brand across their multiple different means of communication. Additionally, we were also asked to design some of the profile products.

Saigon food logo
four Saigon food employees laughing, looking at eachother
Saigon food brand book mockup

“As we come close to our 30 year anniversairy, I think it is time we show everyone who Saigon Food truly is.” - Quang Nguyen- CEO

Saigon food employee picking the shelves
Saigon food employee working as a cashier
Colorful noodles on shelf


We delivered a website with the look of the new and refreshed Saigon Food brand identity, with features such as an application form for potential new B2B customers who want to register for their coming e-store. The website now also has clearer user journeys and with all the relevant information customers may want to see. The brand has been updated while still respecting the history and old brand identity as the aim was to update and not necessarily change the look and feel of Saigon food entirely. We also implemented the new look onto various profile products such as the employee’s work attire to create a clear point of contact for customers in the supermarkets. Overall we are thrilled to have been able to work with this company and look forward to presenting you with more, exciting endeavors with Saigon food!

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