Design and development for a sustainability agency

We have designed and implemented a new website for HoloHouse, an established and innovative sustainability agency that helps companies transform to a sustainable way of working and contribute to a better future.




2022- 8 months


UI/UX, Web Development, Photography

UX, Development, Photography


When HoloHouse carried out a major brand development, we had the opportunity to redesign their website. In addition to the website having to reflect the new brand, it also needed to be responsive, easy to navigate, and become more user-friendly.


Through a user-centered design process, we have created an easy-to-navigate website that clearly presents HoloHouse’s service areas and captures students who want to contribute through sustainability work. With a simple, modular implementation, the people at HoloHouse can easily keep the website up-to-date and alive.

responsive holohouse website phone mockup
Holohouse responsive website mockup

We combined shapes, colors and animations to reflect the optimism and joy that Holohouse strongly believes in.

website mockup holohouse
Light image with a guy happily working on a computer


It’s been a thrill to work with the talented people at HoloHouse. We love seeing the content on the website being updated regularly with new exciting insights and opportunities for students and professionals within sustainability.

Holohouse website mockup

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