Sustainable product development

We analyze and redesign your product from a sustainability perspective to lower its environmental impact. By applying sustainability methodology, we identify critical issues with your product and develop concepts that improve its sustainability and long-term competitiveness.


6 weeks


Product development, UX


Report and Design files



Two graphs explaining the environmental impact of two products


In order to reach the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030, we must find more sustainable ways of living, consuming, and producing. Beyond the societal responsibilities to work towards these goals, the growing customer concern and upcoming regulations mean that sustainability needs to be taken into account if a company aims to stay competitive. To support you in this work, this rapid solution identifies ways to reduce your products environmental impact and how it could fit into a circular economy. Together, we ensure that your product will stay relevant in a sustainable future while remaining attractive to your customers.

What we do

Our team of designers and engineers implement a combination of user-centric and sustainability methods to first map out the current product and how it’s used. By understanding your users’ needs and problems we ensure that future redesigns of your product maintain its core value and keep the features that make it great. 
 We then approach the product from an sustainability perspective and use LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) methodology to identify the main issues and opportunities related to sustainability. These can be related to production, transportation, usage and end of life. 
 Once the analysis of the product has been completed and improvement areas have been targeted, suitable design strategies are implemented to generate new concepts of the product. The new concepts can for example target repairability, recycling, durability and usage. After the concepts have been evaluated and their improved sustainability has been validated, the best concepts are presented.

What you get

We deliver 1-2 visualized concepts along with a report explaining the design process and how the concepts improve the products sustainability. The improvements are categorized based on their impact and how difficult they are to implement. This supports your work towards a long-term competitive and sustainable product offer.

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