Website usability optimization

Improve the usability of your website and create a better experience for your users. By applying proven methods and involving real users, we provide you with recommendations that will increase the engagement and conversions of your product or service.


3 weeks


UX, UI, Development


Report + recommendations




Optimized usability creates great experiences. 

If your users aren’t able to acheive their expected goals while using your product or service they will quickly abandon it.

An efficient and smooth interaction will not only retain your existing users, but also attract new ones. It will increase the engagement and conversions of your product or service.

What we do

To perform the usability optimization, we start with a collaborative session with you where the goal is to identify what scenarios we want to include in the usability test. Examples of scenarios can be; a user signing up to your service for the first time, making an order and going through the checkout of your e-shop, or looking for specific information on your website.

When the scenarios have been identified, we prepare for the test. This includes deciding on relevant metrics and setting up targets for the different aspects of usability.

We recruit five relevant users and perform the tests online. We analyze the results and create a report which includes the analysis, insights and recommendations on how you can improve the usability of your product or service.

What you get

We provide you with a report which includes all usability issues, prioritized from “high” to “low”. To each of the issues, we include recommendations on how you can solve them. The recommendations are presented both in writing and with screen shots and other visuals to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

After you’ve made the suggested changes, you will quickly see improvements of user engagement and higher conversion rates.

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