We are a group of passionate designers and engineers working towards a robotic future

Cute 3D animated figure holding a heart

Our values and culture

We believe that collaboration and diversity is the best recipe for innovation. That’s why we foster an open environment where we encourage ideas and creative thinking.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to integrate technology into society through human-centered design. We do this to create a future where technology enhances what it means to be human.

Meet our superheroes

Portrait of Amanda Cederholm, UX designer at Merphi
UX Designer

Amanda Cederholm

With a background in behavioural science combined with digital design skills, Amanda helps companies to develop meaningful products.

Portrait of Filip Sperr, industrial designer at Merphi
Industrial Designer

Filip Sperr

As an industrial designer, Filip combines his deep interest in technology and his creativity to design meaningful solutions to both large and small problems.

Carina, a DIY robot
Roboticist and AI researcher

Hassan Mahboob

Passionate about coding, AI, and robotics to improve people’s lives. With his deep knowledge of programming, challenges seem effortless to him.


Portrait of Philip Justinus Berlin, CEO of MERPHI
Co-founder & CEO

Philip Justinus Berlin

Philip is a kind-hearted, charming and driven person who always greets you with a smile on his face and makes everyone feel welcome.

Portrait of Mehrdad Hossein Farimani, CTO at Merphi
Co-founder & CTO

Mehrdad H.M Farimani

Mehrdad is one of the most patient, compassionate and hardworking people who constantly strives to create something that can help others!


A cute 3D printed figure sitting on coins
Marketing and PR


Our lovely Chief Marketing Officer, Phimer always finds the most creative way to communicate our somewhat complex services.


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