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We have proposed a number of rapid solutions to solve some of the most common design challenges that businesses face.

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Sustainable product development

We analyze and redesign your product from a sustainability perspective to lower its environmental impact. By applying sustainability methodology, we identify critical issues with your product and develop concepts that improve its sustainability and long-term competitiveness.

Duration: 6 weeks

Deliverables: Report and Design-file

Price: TBD

Website usability optimization

Improve the usability of your website and create a better experience for your users. By applying proven methods and involving real users, we provide you with recommendations that will increase the engagement and conversions of your product or service.

Duration: 3 weeks

Deliverables: Report + recommendations

Price: TBD SEK

Product development sprint

Our product development sprint helps you identify and solve your most important issues through ideation and rapid prototyping. The sprint method suits a big variety of challenges and can be applied to both physical and digital products or services.


Duration: 2 weeks

Deliverables: Workshop report + 3 concepts

Price: TBD

Industrial design review

This review is aimed to improve a physical product that has already been introduced to the market. From a 360 perspective, we consider the user, the market, functionality, and aesthetics of your product. Finally, we present user-centered design guidelines that will increase the usability and competitiveness of your product.

Duration: 4 weeks

Deliverables: Report + action plan, guideline

Price: TBD SEK

Web accessibility review

In this two-week review, we identify accesibility issues that prevent people from interacting with your website. We will deliver a report that tells you what to change to make your website open to everyone.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Deliverables: Accessibility report

Price: From 30.000 SEK

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Because every challenge is unique, we adapt our approach to best fit your needs.

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