This package aims to provide you with a clearly defined design vision for your robot, whether you are working on a brand new one or want to enhance an existing robot. By studying your product and its context, we develop and visualize a direction for the robot’s industrial design to optimize its aesthetics and functionality. The results are summarized in a high-level concept to provide inspiration and explain the suggested design direction.


Done remotely


Design vision and high level concept


50 000 SEK.

3 color variants of Tellext parking robot

How it is done

The process aims to firstly understand your product and its place on the market, as well as where it is in the development process. These insights, together with our experience in the robotics industry will allow us to develop a design approach that suits the needs of your product. Our goal is to provide guidance for the future development of the robots industrial design and highlight the greatest opportunities to create value using design. 

Pre study

In the first phase we aim to establish base knowledge of your company and product. Investigating what makes your product unique in the market, its core functionality and your goal for the product development. At this point we only require a short summary of your product, user groups and vision, as well as some visual references for our analysis

Exploration meeting

After our initial analysis we meet during a 1.5h meeting to discuss the product and our initial questions. The purpose of this meeting is to further explore the product and deepen our understanding of its design opportunities and most important features

Creating a design direction

Based on the insights from the meeting and pre-study, we summarize the most important aspects and requirements of your product. These are then translated into design guidelines and used for exploring suitable design elements, such as form, CMF and interaction methods

Summary and high level concept

The conclusions from the previous phase are summarized in a set of design guidelines which are also visualized through a mood board and a high level concept. The purpose of the concept is not to be directly implementable, but rather to illustrate the outlined vision for the product's design and provide inspiration



The deliverables are meant to provide a concise vision for your robots industrial design. They include a list of design guidelines related to industrial design and HMI, a mood board visualizing the aesthetic direction and a high level industrial design concept to further exemplify the design vision. This material will be presented during a second meeting and handed over afterwards. By providing a starting point for your industrial design, our hope is to help you craft a more attractive and functional product. 

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Quadrupeds 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

"Colorful robots"

Lights and colors are effective means of communication, providing a quick and easy way to convey messages. However, using colors and lights incorrectly or inconsistently can negatively impact communication.

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023

Humanoid poster 2023

First version of our humanoid poster showcasing the most prominent and mentioned humanoids during 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023