The robotic design review is an easy way to get started with industrial design for your robotic solution. Our aim is to deliver a review that introduces new perspectives, translates user insights into design actions and unravels the hidden potential of your product. The design review can be used to guide developments in-house, help in future acquisitions of design services or lay the foundation of our continued collaboration.


Done remotely


Design guidelines and review report


4100 USD

MERPHI robot hand helping mechanical robot hand

How it is done

The review aims to provide you with tangible feedback on your product by focusing on the most important areas of improvement. We know that product development is a long process, and with this review we want to help you get off to a good start. The review is performed by our team of industrial designers with over 5 years of experience in the robotics industry and takes 1 month to complete. What is needed from your part is only some initial information and participation during 2 meetings throughout the process.

Pre study

In the first phase we aim to establish base knowledge of your company and product. Investigating what makes your product unique in the market, its core functionality and your goal for the product development. At this point we only require a short summary of your product, user groups and vision, as well as some visual references for our analysis

Exploration meeting

After our initial analysis we meet during a 1.5h meeting to discuss the product and our initial questions. The purpose of this meeting is to further explore the product and deepen our understanding of its potential issues and design opportunities


Based on the insights from the pre study and the meeting we identify the areas with the greatest potential for improvement. These areas are then analyzed to find concrete ways to enhance your product. The enhancements can take the form of design guidelines or high level concepts


Once the guidelines and concepts have been created, they are validated based on your product vision, user insights and technical requirements. A report is then created summarizing the results of the analysis in a concise manner and presenting visual examples of the idea



Our delivery comprises a comprehensive PDF report that summarizes the findings from the analysis into both long and short term design actions, alongside explanations of expected outcomes of their implementation. This report serves as a roadmap for optimizing your robots design, uncovering hidden potential and tailoring it to your specific end-users’ needs. The contents of the report will also be presented in the second meeting. By highlighting how your product can better meet client requirements, our report facilitates smoother adoption of your solution, ultimately enhancing its market appeal and value.

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Quadrupeds 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

"Colorful robots"

Lights and colors are effective means of communication, providing a quick and easy way to convey messages. However, using colors and lights incorrectly or inconsistently can negatively impact communication.

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023

Humanoid poster 2023

First version of our humanoid poster showcasing the most prominent and mentioned humanoids during 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023