AIS brings robotics to the green world

Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) is a Canadian robotic company that creates autonomous custom robotic solutions to solve real industry problems. In the last three years, we’ve had the pleasure to provide the design of 6 robots for AIS as well as 3 robot fleet management apps.


AIS inc. / Canada




Concept Development, Industrial Design, UX, Branding


In order for the users to feel more secure around the robots and in fact, trust the robots, they need to be aware of the intentions of the robots. This is a challenge that we were exploring and practicing it on AIS robots. Is industrial design and UX responsible for solving this, or mechatronics and control? the short answer is “The whole robotics team! MERPHI’s team has been involved in the whole R&D process of AIS robots, which enabled us to identify and overcome the complex challenges that we were facing. 


In a robotics projects, we stick to our golden key factors to solve the robotics vs users’ challenges. Understanding the users, understanding the context of use, close collaboration with the technical team. The mentioned challenge can be addressed by the industrial design to clarify the direction of the movement, from UX perspective, it will be communicated it with light signals, and from the control side, it can be done by a slower pace at the beginning and increasing the speed after the user is ensured.

Industrial design of a agriculture robot
Industrial design of a agriculture robot charging port
Industrial design of a agriculture robot
When it comes to robotics design, integration with sensors and the mechanical structure is a key to bring the concept into reality.
Industrial design of a agriculture robot
Our mission was to design a product family, and keep the consistency of the brand among all.
Seven industrial AIS robots

And finally, an app to rule them all!

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