Animated Lure, robotics for fishing

Animated Lure introduced a whole new product to the market, the first ever self-swimming lure. To help them scale up their business, we did a retouch of their brand, and provided them with a new e-shop that could be integrated to their Amazon shop. Since the launch of the new website (january 2022) , over 10.000 of their products has found a new home.


Animated Lure/ Canada




Concept design, UI/UX, web, E-shop with amazon integration


Animated lure have been operating for almost 5 years before we start this project. They have identified a clear user group which are middle age, amateur fishers from north American. The first challenge was that we had to adapt the new brand and all the designed to this specific user group, and at the same time, strive for market expansion and make the product attractive for other markets. The second challenge comes back to the nature of the product. Although hobby fishing is a traditional market, Animated lure is a tech product (AKA robot lure) in its category. But the user group are not necessarily tech-friendly.


Regarding the first challenge, We relied on the existing brand and tried to keep the same identity. at the same time, we improved visibility and clarity by high contrast colors, bold standard fonts and clear imagery. On the other hand, we tried to avoid the local (North American) identity and re-design the brand into a more universal visual identity.
in order to communicate the tech nature of the product in a simple way, we tried to introduce the product in a simple language and create lots of content as the instructions of the product. Furthermore, we have few content regarding the numerical specification of the product and instead, we tried to communicate the benefits and value of the product.

Animated lure logo
Animated lure design system
Animated lure posters
Selection of lures
fish sketch
Animated lure poster
Animated lure poster


An E-shop requires continuous support and development.
Our collaboration with Animated Lure did not finish here. We will keep developing the E-shop with the new products and news. Moreover, brand is a living element, so that the it requires constant modifications to stay relevant to the market trends.

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