Optimizing the navigation model for the management system Canea One

We have created a concept for a new navigation logic for Canea One, a management system that gives employees support and control in their daily work.


Canea Solutions Group




Concept + Report


The current navigation system in Canea One is complex and takes up a lot of screen space which makes it hard for users to focus on the content they want to interact with. It was also lacking responsiveness, and needed a modern look and feel. Our challenge was to come up with a concept of a new navigation system for Canea One that would meet the needs of the users.


In collaboration with Canea, we organized three internal workshops with representatives from different teams and professions. We highlighted the main problems with the current navigation and identifed user needs and goals that needed to be considered when designing the new navigation. After analysing the workshop results, we created several concepts for the new navigation that went through iterations with the product team until deciding on the final design of the navigation.

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Lars Olsson, Product owner Canea


We delivered a high-fidelity prototype where the functionality of the navigation was visualised. Alongside the prototype, we created a design system based on the new components and their different states which will help Canea implement the new navigation. It was a pleasure working with the dedicated and friendly people at Canea, we’re wishing them the best of luck with the future work on Canea One!

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