3D Visualization & Animation

Being able to communicate your product in a clear and attractive way is crucial for its success, but to do that you need high quality visual material. Whether its eye catching renders for your next investment round or an informational animation, we got you covered. Through close collaboration with your team, we will figure out the best way to showcase your products strengths and delivery high quality renders and animations.


3 Weeks


Renders and animation


6000 USD

How it is done

Our approach is to first get an understanding of your product as well as your needs related to the product showcase. What is the purpose of the visualizations? Who is the audience? We then begin by outlining what type of material would fit your needs. This could for example be simple renders of your product from different angles, an animation showing how a specific function works or an informational video explaining a system you have created.
What follows is an iterative process to create the visual material that best showcases your product and its value. Besides your input throughout the process, we also require a detailed 3D-model of your product(s) to be used in the renders or animations.
Want to give your products design a face lift before creating new marketing material? We are happy to help. Please check out our Concept Generation and Design Review Rapid Solutions.

Startup meeting (week 1)

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you and your product and discuss what you want to showcase in the renders or animations. We will also determine what assets we need from you to create the material .

Showcase Concept (week 1)

Based on the insights gathered during the initial meeting we begin ideating different ways to showcase your product. At this stage we use low fidelity methods like sketching and storyboarding. Before proceeding with higher fidelity versions, we have a second meeting to converge on one or multiple ideas

Concept implementation (week 2-3)

After you have provided a 3D model of you product we prepare it by adding materials and rigging it for animation. We then set up a virtual scene according to the selected concept and create the renders or animations. Finally, we add any additional effects or information to the video or images.

Review and Finalization (week 4)

Once the first version of the visual material have been created we have a final meeting to review it and discuss what can be improved. After this we implement the last changes and deliver the finalized images or videos to you


The deliverables of this rapid solution are 10 high quality renders and up to 20 seconds of animations customized to your needs (no or simple environment). The exact numbers can however be tweaked depending on what best fits the individual project. The level of detail in the material will also depend on the complexity of your product and what you want to showcase. The images and videos can either be made to stand by themselves or to fit into your own marketing material and can be delivered in a format that suits you best.

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Quadrupeds 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

"Colorful robots"

Lights and colors are effective means of communication, providing a quick and easy way to convey messages. However, using colors and lights incorrectly or inconsistently can negatively impact communication.

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023

Humanoid poster 2023

First version of our humanoid poster showcasing the most prominent and mentioned humanoids during 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023