Industrial Design registration

Registering your design grants you the exclusive right to create and market the products that distinguish your business. Design registration protects the appearance of an entire product or a part of it, including its lines, contours, colors, shape, texture, materials, and ornamentation. However, the process is not straightforward. That’s where we come in, providing the necessary assistance and materials. Read more about Design Registration.


4 weeks


Design description, drawings, Renders & Locarno classification


4500 USD

Sketches of robotic platform

How it is done

You can either write the application yourself or seek assistance from an attorney. Before proceeding with design registration, ensure that your design is novel and original, meaning it should not be a copy of an existing design. If you’re uncertain, don’t worry—we can help you investigate. If your design is not new, we will improve and refine it (see our design review package).
The requirements for registering your design are similar in most countries and include the following:
  Detailed Design Description
  Provide a clear and detailed description of the design, emphasizing its novel and original aspects.
  Visual Representations
  Supply high-quality visual representations of the design, such as drawings, photographs, or CAD illustrations. Include multiple views (top, bottom, side, perspective) to fully capture the design.
  Identify the Classification
  Determine the correct classification for your design according to the Locarno Classification, an international system used to categorize designs.

Assessment meeting (1 w)

The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate your request and assess if your design is new and novel. If it is not, we will help you improve the design. Additionally, we will identify the strong points of the design that you would like to protect. Finally, together we will develop a plan to produce the required materials for registration.

Visual materials (2-3 w)

Whether your design requires improvement or can be taken as it is, we will proceed accordingly. After preparing the CAD models, we will create the visual material. This visual material will be produced according to the official criteria of the intended country and will align with the design description

Design Description and classification (0.5 w)

The key to a successful application is a clear and comprehensive description of the design. We will collaboratively write this description to ensure it aligns with the required criteria. Additionally, we need to determine the classification of your product according to the Locarno industrial design classification.

Review and Finalization (0.5 w)

Once we have all the materials ready, we will review them together. After receiving your or your attorney’s approval, we will hand over the documentation. It is common for applications to require several revisions; in that regard, we will be available to assist your team with any necessary revisions


The deliverables will include the design description, visual materials, and classification. The number of required visuals varies between the United States (USPTO), European Union (EUIPO), and international applications (WIPO – Hague System). We will adapt to these requirements and provide you with CAD models, drawings, detailed views, and renders. This material can also be used for commercial and marketing purposes. Additionally, this package can be combined with our Product Visualization Package.

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Quadrupeds 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

Poster visualizing the most notable quadruped robots from 2023

"Colorful robots"

Lights and colors are effective means of communication, providing a quick and easy way to convey messages. However, using colors and lights incorrectly or inconsistently can negatively impact communication.

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023

Humanoid poster 2023

First version of our humanoid poster showcasing the most prominent and mentioned humanoids during 2023

A list in the form of a poster visualizing the most notable humanoid robots from 2023