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Industrial design review

To help your product stay competitive on the market, we perform a comprehensive review to identify areas that can be improved. You will receive an actionable plan ensuring a competitive product and satisfied users.

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Web accessibility review

In this two-week review, we identify accesibility issues that prevent people from interacting with your website. We will deliver a report that tells you what to change to make your website open to everyone.

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Product development sprint

Using the iterative process of design thinking, we help you solve the most urgent problems of your product during a 5 day sprint. This rapid solution applies to both physical and digital products.

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Website usability optimization

Improve the usability of your website and create a better experience for your users. By applying proven methods and involving real users, we provide you with recommendations that will increase the engagement and conversions of your product or service.

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Two graphs explaining the environmental impact of two products

Sustainable product development

We analyse your product from a sustainability perspective using LCA methodology to identify ways to lower its environmental impact. By developing concepts to target these areas, we help improve your products sustainability and long term competitiveness.

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